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Smart Air Styler

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Smart AirStyler unique?
The Smart AirStyler is the only brush on the market that uses far infrared rays in conjunction with two other heating methods and a negative ion generator to dry hair safely in up to half the time vs. conventional blow dryers.

2. What is the wattage?
The Smart AirStyler is 500 Watts.

3. Does the cord rotate?
Yes! The Smart AirStyler has a 360° rotating swivel cord.

4. How large is the brush area?
The brush area is approximately 2.5” (W) X 3.5” (H).

5. Can I use this product on wet hair?
We recommend towel drying first, just as you would a with a conventional hair dryer.

6. Can I really use the Smart AirStyler on dry hair?
Yes, you can! If you don’t have time to wash and dry your hair, simply switch to the third setting/style setting where there is no air flow and allow the far infrared and negative Ions to bring limp hair back to life. Remove static and add shine, straighten, or style.

7. How do I get the best results?
For best results, we recommend you wash and dry your hair. Then, detangle with our detangle brush or another detangling brush or comb. Put the Smart AirStyler on the second setting and start brushing through your hair slowly while using your free hand to add tension to the bottom of the sectioned hair if straightening. Brush as you would with a brush: slowly, from the inside out, taking 3–5 seconds (even longer for longer hair) to complete each pass. When you think your hair is completely dry, switch to the finishing setting and finish with no air flow.

8. What safety precautions do I need to take?
Do not get water inside the Smart AirStyler Smart AirStyler. Do not leave the Smart AirStyler on when not in use.

9. What if the bristles get bent?
Just like a regular comb or brush, gently bend bristles back into position. Only do this when the Smart AirStyler is off and cooled.

10. How to clean my Smart AirStyler Brush?
We recommend cleaning after a few uses. A clean brush will work more efficiently and give you better results.

11. How do I use the settings?
Setting 1 is used to dry hair after towel drying. It removes excess moisture from your hair. Setting 2 is used to style your hair – either straightening or adding a soft curl. Setting 3 is used to set your style or bring dry hair back to life. With setting three, there is no air flow and the far infrared and negative Ions bring limp hair back to life, remove static, add shine, straighten, or re-style.

12. Can I travel with the Smart AirStyler?
Yes! The Smart AirStyler Smart AirStyler is ready for travel and use within the United States. If you are traveling internationally, you will need the proper adapter and perhaps a transformer. Always store the Smart AirStyler in the quilted travel pouch.

13. My Smart AirStyler won’t turn on. What can I do?
First, make sure the Smart AirStyler is turned on to the correct setting. Remember: The third setting will not blow air, and the brush may appear to be off. If that does not work, try resetting the GFI plug by simply pushing the reset button on it.

14. If my Smart AirStyler Smart AirStyler is damaged, what should I do?
If your Smart AirStyler is damaged, do not attempt to use it. If there is a crack on the housing or the Smart AirStyler is making a weird noise, smoking, etc., turn it off, unplug it, and send it back.

15. What do I do if I get water in the Smart AirStyler?
If you get water in your Smart AirStyler Smart AirStyler, discontinue use and turn the Smart AirStyler over, bristle-side down. Leave the Smart AirStyler in this position for 24–48 hours before use.

16. How do I return my Smart AirStyler?
Call Tristar’s Customer Service Department for return information at 973-287-5109.